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Ujung Kulon Adventures 1
Package 2 N / 3 D

Day 1
Please come to prove this blue water of the Peucang island beachAfter breakfast at 8.00 am depart by car to Sumur port pass through forest, hils, rice fields arrive than board the boats (wooden boat) take 1 hour to Handeleum island in situated among a group of small island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon peninsula, on the way we will stop over at small island Badul island for snorkling or swimming, lunch will be served on the boat, arrived in the afternoon than looking arround the island, overnight at lodge, dinner will be served at 7.00 pm (free program)

Day 2
After breakfast at 7:00 am, canoes trip up the Cigenter river meander through denseoverchaarging rain forest for 2 hours. The habitat of Python, hornbill, type of adventure with canoe to observe Javan Rhino habiatmonkey where crocodile and rhino are occasionally sight in this area, back to the boat than continue to Peucang Island, lunch will be served on the boat. The unique and delightfull Peucang Island in clearlue water off the north western coastline of the national park. It is white sand and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life while Peucang is impressive forest shelter and abundance of wild life, arrived in the afthernoon than continue to Cidaon situed on the peninsula opposite island, this large grassland for wild bulls, wild pig, peafowl, leopard, overnight at lodge, dinner time will server at 7.00 pm (free Program)

Day 3
After breakfast at 8:00 walk (traking) to north on Peucang island passes through towering forest to a rock arcway beyond which are the reef pools of Karang Copong, back to lodge than return trip back to Sumur-Carita in the afternoon, lunch will be served on the boat, on the way, we will stop over at Citerjun for snorkeling to see variety of fish at coral reef (end the program)

Clear blue water with the calmness  on the beach




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